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2021-11-12 09:25:52 By : Ms. Yoli Shu

Today we bring you yesterday’s news from Japan and Asia.

Part 1 of our experiment to see if Daiso is really the only store where anyone needs to shop.

As the king of 100 yen shops in Japan, you can find all kinds of high-quality and inexpensive household products at Daiso. But can you also find everything you need for the camp there?

That is our question, and only one person is responsible for finding the answer: our Japanese reporter Tsuyoshi Hattori.

Go is a self-taught Daiso expert who has tested and reviewed 475 different projects from the chain. Recently, he noticed that there are more and more outdoor products in chain stores. He wanted to see if he could put everything he needed for a night camping trip with the things he bought at Daiso.

First, let's make the basic rules. Although Daiso costs just 100 yen for almost everything, they do have some more expensive items, and these are fair games. We also let Go use his own clothes and backpack, because almost everyone in Japan, which relies on public transportation, already owns a bag. Finally, he can take a portion (150 grams [5.3 ounces] of uncooked rice) with him.

After that, we set off to the campground!

As usual, we immediately ran into obstacles. Look, since we sent one of our reporters to see the death cave in Japan a few years ago, our lawyers have been supporting us. They call it "demonic harm to human life." They have not completely Relaxing A few months ago, we sent another reporter to visit the death tunnel in Japan (a place completely different from the death cave). So they suggested that we don't send Go to the woods with only the cheapest supplies we can find without knowing whether he will survive.

...It happens to live in a penthouse with a huge roof terrace, which makes all those who stare at it envy, and this is where he built Daiso camp, cooks and spends the night.

The first task is to set up a tent, a parasol that can be deployed quickly.

This is a 1,000-yen Daiso product that Go lavishly squandered, but it was the single item he spent the most in his camping bag.

Next is the time to unpack and cook lunch. Yes, believe it or not, Go plans to enjoy multiple hot meals with the help of his Daiso supplies.

Since our experiment assumes that you are camping in a campsite, you should at least be able to use tap water. But because he didn't want to cheat, Go also made sure to pick up a 100 yen water bag with 3.9 liters (131.9 ounces) of liquid in it, because he still needed some way to deliver water from the tap to his tent.

As long as you have water, a pot, and a heat source, you can cook!

▼ Go's 300 yen mini stove, 500 yen aluminum camping pot, 100 yen solid cooking fuel and lighter

He is a gourmet, Go puts his rice and some water into the pot, but chooses to wait 30 minutes for the grains to absorb moisture so that they will be more fluffy after cooking. While the raw rice was soaking, he set up the stove and fuel.

But because their setup is very simple, their setup time is less than 30 minutes. What should I do with the remaining soaking time?

Why, use another pot he bought, plus Blendy Stick instant cocoa powder he also bought at Daiso, soak himself a cup of hot chocolate, and then pour it into his 300 yen stainless steel water cup.

He also wears a pair of 100 yen gloves (actually 50 yen because they are two pairs in a pack) so that he can protect his fingers from the cold wind while sipping cocoa, it is warm Took his body from the inside.

▼ This will be the first time Go has noticed that it tastes better when you are outside.

Oh, and that folding stool? You guessed it: Daiso (150 yen).

At this point, Go's rice has enough time to soak, so it's time to start cooking.

Like most modern Japanese, Go uses a rice cooker to eat at home. However, this kind of cooking has a rustic appeal, and he began to feel like a rough mountain man.

▼ There is no law that men in rugged mountains cannot like cocoa.

However, there is a problem. Between the smell of cocoa and the smell of cooking, Go's appetite was severely stimulated. Fortunately, he had anticipated that Daiso once again proposed effective countermeasures.

When a person is in the wilderness, no one can scold him to eat snacks. He tore open the bag and chewed on the salty delicacy happily, watching the clouds in late autumn from the corner of his mouth.

The rice was enough to cook. Gao took it off the stove, turned the pot upside down, wrapped it in a 100-yen towel, and steamed it a little more at the end.

He took apart the towel in panic, opened the lid, and...

success! He has a whole pot of beautifully cooked white rice!

However, white rice alone is not a big deal, but Go didn't have trouble because Daiso also sells canned food. He has a 100 yen iwashi (sardine) canned soy sauce.

▼ Honestly, that fish is cut very nicely!

However, like most employees of SoraNews24, Go is a growing boy...or are many of us immature? We forgot. In any case, there is another element of his Daiso camping lunch...

The medium-spicy curry made by the respected and popular Japanese food company Glico is unique in that you can take it out of the bag without cooking (it can be stored for 5 years before opening). Go's rice was still boiling hot, and he poured the batter on it, which made people salivate just looking at it.

▼ 100 yen spoon, folding chopsticks, fork

▼ Say it again, everything eats in the open air is delicious.

Go feels good and fulfilling, but this is still just the beginning of his adventure. Remember, the test is to see if he can prepare supplies for the overnight camping trip at Daiso. When he finally woke up from a curry coma, he looked up and the sky had become more and more as the twilight approached. dark.

Hold on, go, we will come back to see your performance in Part 2 (i.e. if you survived)!

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