With the reopening of Kolkata school, schoolbags ushered in an important day-The Telegraph of India

2021-11-16 19:45:51 By : Ms. Sissy Wan

The store was hoarding goods, and the mothers came back to pick up water bottles, lunch boxes, school bags and stationery from the shelves.

With the reopening of schools, traders see hope, they see an increase in demand for goods, and no one has noticed this in the past year and a half. 

In most households, tiffin boxes, water bottles and school bags are in an unusable state. Going back to campus means coming back with new things.

In the past few weeks, owners of retail chains or single stores have been placing school supplies or placing orders.

At Starmark, the demand for school supplies increased by 15% in November compared to October.

Starmark CEO Gautam Jatia said: "The demand for school bags, water bottles, and lunch boxes has increased, and we should see normal sales of these items in the next few months."

"There has been an increase in demand for art and craft materials, and school stationery for students to carry out project work or activities in school," said Jadia.

The mother of a school girl is checking the schoolbags in a store in the mall.

The salesperson at the bag store said, "Madam, school is open. Now your daughter needs a bag."

The owner of a retail store in Kalikapur on the southern edge of Kolkata said that he now brought more lunch boxes and water bottles.

"Since the lockdown, no one has asked for Tiffin boxes and water bottles. These things have been very popular in the past. But in the past few days, the demand is picking up and I also bought some new varieties," Khokon Chandra, who has a store in Kalikapur Say.

The owner said that customers not only want these items to their children, but also want to give them to others as birthday gifts or return gifts.

In the past 20 months, all of these needs have dried up because schools closed to prevent the new coronavirus.

Offline exams for the board of directors can also affect the market in a positive way and feel those who are in the business.

An official from a pen manufacturing and distribution company said: "The demand for stationery has increased, and due to the scheduled exams, we expect the market to grow because traditionally, our peak season is from November to February."

However, despite the increase in demand, they are still waiting to see the situation in the coming months.

Since the child has not been vaccinated, parents are still cautious about sending their children to school because of the risk of infection. This allowed the shopkeeper to adopt a wait-and-see policy.

"People are still not sure. Once school starts, the situation will become clearer," Jadia said.

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