Orange PBT Masterbatch Colors High-Voltage PBT Connectors |

2023-03-22 20:28:53 By : Ms. Enya Zhang

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Orange PBT Masterbatch Colors High-Voltage PBT Connectors |

Global masterbatch supplier Ampacet has introduced ELTech Orange 2003 PBT, a formulation that is specifically designed for high-voltage orange polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) electrical and electronic equipment.

The rapid evolution and growth of the e-mobility sector, including hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and fully electric vehicles (EVs), has underscored possible electrical shock risks. Orange RAL 2003 has been selected as a market color reference to highlight possible hazards and electrical shock risks when handing under-the-hood cables and connectors.

Electrical connectors used in EVs often face severe service conditions, including extremes in voltage and temperature, so it is critical to preserve color stability to ensure identification of high-voltage hazards.

Designed to color PBT resins and natural compounds, Ampacet ELTech Orange 2003 PBT masterbatch meets RAL 2003 Orange color specifications in order to provide easy identification of voltage-related hazards. It also performs well under thermal stress and maintains color consistency in heat aging.

ELTech Orange 2003 PBT masterbatch (7400269-E) is suited for applications such as medium- and high-voltage PBT connectors for EVs, PBT cable jacketing, and other electrical and electronic equipment that utilizes PBT.

Orange PBT Masterbatch Colors High-Voltage PBT Connectors |

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