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Q: What are the different My Bees Membership packages and how much do they cost?

A: There are a number of different My Bees Memberships for the 2022/23 season:

Q: What are the benefits of joining My Bees Membership?

A: The most important benefit from becoming a Member is that you get priority to buy available home league Match Tickets and we anticipate that these tickets will be in high demand for the 2022/23 season. There are a whole range of other benefits to becoming a My Bees Member too and these are listed below.

Q: When will I receive my Membership welcome pack and Membership card?

A: We will aim to send out Membership welcome packs and Membership cards prior to the start of the season. Following that, we will aim to despatch within 14 days where possible, but it may take longer in some cases. Once your Membership is activated however, you will have instant access to the benefits and will have the opportunity to buy Match Tickets. O

Our newest Members, Babees, can expect a Brentford FC lunch bag, a baby scarf, and educational milestone cards. Bee Team Members will receive a Brentford FC rucksack, a 3D puzzle of our stadium, and a Brentford FC water bottle. The Swarm Members will receive a Brentford FC over the shoulder bag, a Bluetooth speaker and a card holder. Welcome packs come as standard for all packages across our child and youth age groups. Adults (18+) will have the option of adding a welcome pack including a pen, key-ring and card holder for an additional £10.

Can I buy a My Bees Membership rather than Bees Overseas if I am an international fan?

A: Yes, we do not limit Membership purchase based on location, although we do limit them to one per fan number. However, if you buy a My Bees Membership with a Welcome Pack, you will need to pay an additional £10 for international postage and packaging

Q: Does having a Membership mean I will be guaranteed to be able to buy Match Tickets? A: The demand for Match Tickets will be very high this season, so whilst having a Membership gives you the best chance of buying any available Match Tickets, availability is not guaranteed.

Q: What are Ticket Access Points (TAPs) and how does the TAPs system work?

A: TAPs are awarded to Season Ticket Holders and Members when they attend home matches and purchase away tickets. Only Season Ticket Holders and Members will be entitled to priority ticket access by collecting them and tickets will be sold in order of priority as set out in our Customer Charter.

When purchasing tickets on behalf of other supporters, please ensure that you allocate each ticket to the relevant supporter to ensure that TAPs are registered correctly.

Please note for home games if you do not scan your ticket at the turnstiles, you will not receive TAPs for that match.

Q: What are the Category A and Category B home league games and why are you having different ticket allocation rules for each? A: As per previous seasons, Category A home league fixtures are those that we believe will have the greatest demand for Match Tickets. Category B games are the remaining fixtures. We’ve identified different categories so that we can recognise the loyalty of those Members who have built up the highest Ticket Access Points over the years and give them a higher chance to buy a Match Ticket for Category A home games.

Q: What priority will I get to buy home league Match Tickets for Category A games?

A: For Category A games, half of the available Match Tickets will be made available to those Members with the highest Ticket Access Points (TAPs). The first window of sales for these tickets, Window 1A, will allow a non-guaranteed ticket purchase for qualifying Members based on 1,000+ TAPs and the second window 1B will then open up for those with 750+ TAPs and be based on a first come first served basis. These qualifying levels will be reviewed in the November FIFA World Cup international break.

The remaining 50 per cent of the available Match Tickets for Category A games will go on sale to all Members with 40+ TAPs, with the majority of those tickets sold on a first-come first-served basis. 100 Match Tickets will be held to be sold from the Box Office rather than online for both Window 1 and Window 2 and a further 50 Match Tickets will be held for a U18 ballot. The ballot tickets for our younger Members who register for each match will be chosen at random by the Club, with 25 U18 Members chosen (to allow one parent/guardian Member ticket for each). Booking windows and further details will be communicated via email and on our website.

Q: What priority will I get to buy home league Match Tickets for Category B games?

A: Available Match Tickets for Category B home league games will go on sale to all Members on a first-come first-served basis. For all Category B home league games, 100 Match Tickets will be held for sale from the Box Office rather than online. Q: What about away games?

A: The majority of Match Tickets for away games will be sold first to Season Ticket Holders. However, five per cent of available Match Tickets for away games will be available for Members to purchase. Members will be asked to register an interest in attending away games and will be entered into a ballot. If successful, an email will be sent inviting Members to purchase an away ticket from Window 1 of the match sales window for that specific game.

Q: Why have you removed the guaranteed ticketing windows? 

A: We now have last year’s data from all of the ticketing windows for our first Premier League season at Brentford Community Stadium. The take-up of tickets in guaranteed windows was much lower than expected. By carefully managing TAPs requirements depending on demand and capacities, we are able to ensure that we are more efficient and consistent in the sales process and enable fewer sales windows. This in turn gives more notice and better signposting for our fans, especially for home matches where we can keep this at a consistent level and review midway through the season. This also allows the opportunity for more of our fans to buy in the same window and sit together. Finally, it also enables us to be more flexible to demand and continue to improve the process as we move through the season.

Q: As a Season Ticket Holder holding a high number of TAPs points, I am concerned about losing a guaranteed window for Away games. How can you reassure me I will still be able to access tickets to most of the games I wish to attend?

A: We will flex TAPs requirements for the games we anticipate to be extremely high demand. For example, for Fulham away, the first window will essentially have one ticket per qualifying STH. We have placed 11 of our 19 matches in Category A, so those with high TAPs will still enjoy priority.

Regarding Category B matches and the lack of TAPs priority, all of this years’ selected matches went on sale to all Members last year and whilst it’s not guaranteed, we anticipate those Season Ticket Holders who want tickets will be able to buy them. They will also have a better chance of sitting with their fellow friends and family who are also Season Ticket Holders.

Q: Why have you removed the guarantee for the first 10,000 Members to have access to at least one home match this season?  

A: We introduced the 10,000 guarantee to ensure Members would have the opportunity to visit Brentford Community Stadium in the first Premier League season. We had very little take up for the designated matches.  Going forward we want all of our Members to be on as level a playing field as possible.

Q: What about cup games? A: Cup matches will be categorised as either Category A, Category B or Category F (Family). Season Ticket Holders will have first priority to purchase Match Tickets for cup games. Any remaining Match Tickets for home cup games will then be made available for purchase following the same rules as noted above for Category A and Category B home league games. Match Tickets purchase windows and priorities for any Category F cup games will be confirmed by the Club at the time. Tickets for away cup games will be sold on the same basis as for away league games.

Q: How will I know when can I buy Match Tickets for specific games?

A: Up-to-date information for specific games will be sent to Members by email and will also be available on the Club website. It’s important to make sure your contact details are up-to-date and to check the information in your emails and on our website regularly to ensure that you don’t miss out. For anyone who doesn’t have internet access, it will also be possible to call the Box Office for assistance on 0333 005 8521. Once the new website is fully launched you will be able to log into your ticketing account which will show you a specific date when you are eligible to purchase tickets.

Q: How will you look after disabled fans and those with accessibility requirements that need assistance with booking? A: We have set up a dedicated email address accessibility@brentfordfc.com for anyone with particular accessibility requirements and this will be checked as a priority before and during ticketing windows. Keeping some Match Tickets to go on sale at the Box Office only will also ensure that there is an option available for those fans who are not able to access tickets online.

Q: Do Members also have access to tickets put onto the Ticket Exchange by Season Ticket Holders that can’t attend a game? A: Yes, Members will have access to buy tickets put onto the Ticket Exchange during a dedicated booking window. The minimum requirement of 40 TAPs remains for Category A Home League matches. The Ticket Exchange is only activated once all home Match Tickets in the ground have sold out. More information on the Ticket Exchange is available here.

Q: Can I link an adult Membership with children’s Memberships so that we can sit together?

A: Yes, you can link adult and children’s Memberships together subject to ticket availability and other qualifications for particular games. You just need to add the child/ren to your Friends & Family group – read more here.

Q: Can I buy for other Members so we can sit together? A: Yes, you will be able to buy for other Members in your Friends & Family group as long as they are eligible for that booking window. You can read more about Friends & Family here.

Q: As a Season Ticket Holder can I buy a Membership?

A: No, but the person you wish to attend should create a new account and buy a Membership. Then you will be able to add them to your Friends & Family.

Q: If I am a Season Ticket Holder and my family/friend is under 14 years of age, how can I buy tickets together?

A: Under 14s are not allowed to enter the stadium and sit alone due to safeguarding concerns. We would advise another adult to purchase a membership and buy tickets together so the under 14 is accompanied by an adult. On rare occasions, we may be able to move your season ticket seat to sit with the Member, but this is subject to availability.

If the younger fan is in a different purchasing window, we advise the adult to forgo their eligibility window and wait until both Members are eligible to purchase. It is very rare we have availability to move the adult and the under 14-year-old to be seated together so please do not purchase in separate windows.

Q: Do I need to provide photo ID?

A: We do ask for photo ID if you are purchasing an age-related concession membership or to collect tickets purchased via the Bees Overseas Membership. If you do not have photo ID, a birth certificate is also acceptable. Please purchase the correct Membership based on your age on 1 August 2022.

Q: If I buy a Match Ticket and can no longer attend the game, am I able to get a refund?

A: If your request is 72 hours before kick-off, please contact the Box Office by email at tickets@brentfordfc.com with your request and they will let you know your options.

Q: Am I able to upgrade my junior Match Ticket to an adult Match Ticket?

A: You will only be able to upgrade your Match Ticket for use by another My Bees Member if there is a fixture time/date change.

Q: Where can I find out more if I have other questions?

A: Our Box Office team will be very happy to help with any other questions you may have either by email at tickets@brentfordfc.com or by calling the Club on 0333 005 8521 and choosing Option 1 for the Box Office.

Q: Who is eligible to buy Bees Overseas Memberships?

A:  All fans based at an overseas address are eligible to buy the Bees Overseas Membership. This includes those in the ROI. In order to be eligible to enter Ticket Ballots you will need to have uploaded an international address. Upon collection of any tickets, you will also need to provide Photo ID. This is to prevent Domestic-based suspected Away fans from using this Membership as a way to get tickets.

Q: I cannot renew a Friends or Family membership at the renewal price.

A: If you were not a member last year, in order to renew a Friends or Families membership at renewal price you will have to log in as them or if this isn't possible please call the Box Office on 0333 005 8521 or contact tickets@brentfordfc.com

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