10 2021 iF Design Award winners show creativity while walking outdoors

2021-11-12 09:26:19 By : Ms. Candy Song

Whether it's camping or road trips, sports or preparing for hiking, design solutions make outdoor activities more relaxing and fun. The 10 winning projects of the 2021 iF Design Award proved the creativity of an adventurous, because DesignBoom and the famous competition platform ended 12 series of cooperation. From bicycle helmets that indicate direction and brakes to waterproof shoes made from recycled coffee grains, the selected winners combine technology with comfort.

As the last in a series of award-winning highlights of the 2021 iF Design Awards, designboom has selected 10 projects that provide comfort for any outdoor adventure.

Name: polar grit x Brand: polar Electro oy

The Finnish product "polar grit x" is specially developed to help outdoor enthusiasts break through the limits, providing a sturdy and lightweight design, excellent battery life and intelligent guidance functions. Whether it's on the trail or indoors, this watch is equipped with all the necessary tools to power everything. It adopts American military-grade standard structure and is designed for the harshest conditions. The device weighs only 64 grams and has an incredible weight-battery ratio. It can even be up to 100 hours through a variety of power-saving options-very suitable for long-term use Adventure or super activity.

Name: livall evo21 Brand: Qianhai Livolot Technology Co., Ltd. Designer: RUMA Design Award: iF Gold Award

The Spanish-designed "livall evo21" is a road bike helmet that optimizes air resistance and reduces perspiration through an internal channel system. Equipped with powerful front and rear lights to indicate direction and brakes, the product is also equipped with an SOS system. Specifically, through the user's smart phone, it is possible to call emergency services while providing the geographic location of the cyclist and flashing the helmet light. Through the application, users can also connect to a first-class community of connected cyclists. Name: xpresole® panto Brand: CCILU International Company Designer: Wilson hsu, steve hsu

All-weather "xpresole® panto" is the first choice for urban, rural, hiking, rain and snow boots. Including ultra-light, double-layer waterproof and anti-fouling, smells fresh like coffee, and machine washable. The Taiwan model of moisture wicking, quick drying, odor/mold control, responsiveness, elasticity and support is also sustainable. By using recycled coffee grounds (SCG), because they are the main source of greenhouse gases when they are landfilled, a pair of pantos has been upgraded with 15 cups of SCG. The goal is to connect users with the experience of circular economy, excellent products and community participation.

Name: canyon Front: Brand: canyon bikes gmbh Designer: fedja delic, alexander forst

From commuting to get off work in the morning to picking up children after school, Germany's "precede:on" electric bicycles allow you to travel through the city faster, easier, and more carefree than ever. In addition to the high-level functions and performance achieved through special components and clever integration, the eye-catching carbon fiber frame makes the appearance more perfect. The cockpit itself integrates bright lights, built-in brakes and vibrant displays into a unified form, with no visible cables. Considering powerful motors, integrated mounts, smart storage solutions, and trailer mounts, the result is a higher standard of urban smart bike capabilities and a vision for future mobility. Name: 8×20 IS / 10×20 IS Brand: Canon Designer: yoshiyuki kashiwagi

Canon, a famous Japanese brand, pursues a design that allows users to focus on viewing, reducing physical burden through clear operability and long-term use. With its compact shape, the lightweight binoculars "8×20 IS/10×20 IS" can be packed in a small bag, which is very suitable for holding concerts. In order to serve any type of user, the pair also adopts a holding method that takes into account different sizes of hands and holding methods.

Name: otter 153-2 Sheep foot Brand: otter-messer gmbh Designer: wahrmann design

The "otter 153-2 lamb's foot", completely handmade in Solingen, Germany, combines an eye-catching design. Despite its elegance, the daily carrying knife made of local plum wood can be used for any type of outdoor and urban activities. Traditional craftsmanship and high-tech materials will undoubtedly affect the style of the product, and the inclined handle with a clear grip optimizes ergonomics.

Name: bosch easypump Brand: robert bosch power tools gmbh Designer: robert bosch power tools gmbh, propeller design AB

'bosch easypump' adopts an ergonomic, lightweight and lightweight design, and is undoubtedly a high-performance pressure air pump. With an intuitive button design and pressure preset function, the device is suitable for all pressure applications up to 10.3 bar. In addition, the display is set at an angle to make it easier to read when kneeling on the ground, making it an ideal model for inflating tires (cars, motorcycles, bicycles), balls, or smaller water sports equipment.

Name: hibear All Day Adventure Bottle Brand: hibear Designer: mark tsigounis, matic lenaršič, jernej koželj

The thermos is an important part of outdoor adventure, but it fails to meet the requirements when making drinks on the road. In response, the American "hibear all-day adventure bottle" is designed to hold various beverages such as water, coffee and cocktails. Thanks to its stainless steel structure and unbreakable glass finish, it prevents the adhesion of taste and aroma. In addition, the silicone sleeve as a double cup prevents dents, and the lid can be inverted.

Name: Destroyer Series Brand: megabass, inc. Shizuoka, Hamamatsu City

For anglers of all skill levels, the "Destroyer Series" fishing rods have the following advantages: they are lightweight, comfortable, and durable, and can effectively store and release the angler's energy to provide power for long-distance throwing. In order to provide an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and an impeccably smooth bending curve, the manufacturer megabass has developed a proprietary 5-D graphite process. Through the analysis of mechanics and ergonomics, the angler and the equipment become one.

Name: off toco_2style lunch backpack brand: ELECOM co., ltd.

The unprecedented "off toco_2 style" backpack makes it possible to put lunch boxes/water bottles and other business tools/personal items in a completely separate space and quickly take them out when needed. With the increasing practice of bringing lunch boxes to work, having a bag that separates work papers and food is definitely a practical solution. In order to avoid the risk of odor, stains and contamination, employees tend to bring their lunch alone, which is exactly what this exquisite Japanese product aims to change.

The winners of the 2021 iF Design Award "Sports and Outdoors" concluded 12 series of collaborations between the competition platform and DesignBang. From thousands of projects, a well-designed jury selected hundreds of projects, and then we will highlight our top 10 winners, including the finalists who won the acclaimed iF Gold Award. The last theme showcases projects that are technologically advanced, ergonomic and definitely creative. To view the full curation of the 2021 iF Design Award winners, click here.

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