U.S. Legion’s veterinarians provide free lunch for Fort Cedar

2021-11-12 09:26:03 By : Ms. Betty Li

Cedarburg, Wisconsin-It is difficult to truly understand the sacrifices made by veterans in our country, and even more difficult to provide proper thanks. In the American Legion Post in Cedarburg, on Thursday, November 11, veterans were commemorated and commended, and they also received help from the younger generation.

"We take care of them," said Mary Garner, president of the 288th Regiment Auxiliary Unit of the U.S. Army. "We love them. They are our life. They are my life."

For veterans who have served others throughout their lives, members of the US Army Corps 288 Auxiliary Unit are happy to provide something as simple as lunch.

"This is a very special day," said Jerry Smith, the third deputy commander of Post 288. "Sorry if I was choked."

"They don't like to put the spotlight on themselves, but when you think about everything they have experienced for us, a sandwich, some biscuits and gift bags don't even touch the surface of what we can do for them," said the US Legion 288 said Maggie Geiger, a member of the auxiliary force.

"There is a free lunch," Smith said. "As they said, there has never been a free lunch. Today, there is a free lunch."

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This is not just a free lunch for veterans. There are some special things in the bag.

"They are all written separately, so it's nice to see the support of the children and the children in the school," said Jim Fox, a Vietnam War veteran. "As far as we have experienced, history has not been taught enough."

On the cold and rainy Veterans Day, learning that local elementary school students care enough to write letters is a bright spot for veterans like Fox.

Fox said: "It gives me a little warmth, and I can use it to sleep better at night." "This is the main reason."

"We are very grateful," Garner said. "Everyone was saying today,'Oh, it's raining.' I said,'The days they spent in foxholes and the like were much worse than what we experienced today.'"

The free lunch reminds people how far a simple gesture can go.

"I didn't get the same return the first time I went home, so the experience must be much better this time," Fox said.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Legion Post 288 started a free lunch drive-through service in 2020. In 2021, they have made more lunch bags—100 of them—which is expected to have a greater turnout.

On Veterans Day on Thursday, November 11th, people gathered to pay tribute to those who served the country.

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