Holiday Gift Guide 2021: The best gifts and accessories for the golfers on your list

2021-11-12 09:25:22 By : Ms. Sophie Huang

Indoor simulators are a dream gift for any golfer, but retailers Rain or Shine Golf make... [] Dreams easier to achieve.

Every year I will be asked to recommend gifts for golfers, and every year I have to convince potential buyers not to buy golf clubs. They are a bad choice because they are very personal and usually customized, and if your recipient likes golf, they are likely to have their favorite clubs. Therefore, although the micro-improved "new" 2022 model driver or hand-ground putter is tempting, stay away from it and provide something that you know can be used by any golfer. Something practical but of good quality. anything fun. Love the things on this list.

Indoor simulator: Every golfer dreams of using a home simulator in rainy days, winter, and in the dead of night. We are talking about hundreds of the best courses in the world in your home, where you can use your cue to play and make real shots. This is a great way to practice, a great social gathering with friends, and a great way to enjoy the off-season in the northern climate. But high-end ones are very expensive and usually require a lot of custom installation and even construction. Therefore, you can use the Full Swing Pro owned by Tiger Woods (starting at $40,000) and build your own room, or you can choose something simpler, such as indoor expert Rain or Shine Golf’s SkyTrak Swingbay Golf Simulator Package simulator, batting Zone, launch monitor, practice mat and everything for golfing at home. This is the best value for money I have found, and you can actually provide it easily-without involving the recipient in the home extension project. The software package is built around the SkyTrak launch monitor, was voted the best value golf simulator and the 2021 Golf Digest editor's choice, measures 15 data points and is compatible with several of the most popular virtual course software platforms. In addition, the kit also includes a portable, easy-to-install grille for impact, with side shading screens to provide better image visibility, impact and landing floor "turf" mats, military-grade screens, designed to handle up to 250 The impact of mph, and 3000 lumens full HD 1080p high contrast projector with HDMI connection. You can use your laptop to run it, or you can add a pre-optimized dedicated golf gaming laptop. The only other thing needed is widely used golf simulation software, such as TGC 2019 or E6 Connect. Otherwise, this is a complete turnkey home simulator that can be installed in the basement or garage when needed, and put away when not in use, at a price of $10,000.

Travis Matthew is one of the most fashionable golf apparel companies, and its Zinna "Perfect Polo"... [] comes in a variety of colors.

Fashionable menswear: With double-digit growth over the years, the relatively new Travis Matthew has become one of the most popular clothing brands in the golf industry. The reason why it is so popular is because it is fashionable and does not look like "golf clothing", but Good clothing you can play golf and then continue. If anyone on your list has fashion awareness or needs a style upgrade, this company offers a variety of polo shirts, pants and shorts with excellent performance, as well as pullovers, long sleeves, hats, belts, etc. I really like their wide variety of fabrics and woven leather stretchable belts, which are perfect for golfing (and off the court), but the company’s iconic appearance may be part of its horizontal striped polo, just like the most The best-selling last Friday, the new unknown, or many more. The classic Zinna is the company's "perfect polo", available in ten solid colors. Many Travis Matthew clothes are also on sale during the holidays.

Waggle Golf clothing is full of colorful patterns, from Hawaii patterns to grizzly bear patterns, menswear... [] Womenswear-plus technological materials.

Fun Golf Wear: Waggle Golf is another growing clothing brand that has opened up a unique market segment, designing loud, colorful and patterned polo shirts for men and women, although they are visually appealing People scream, but they are not deliberately annoying like some other camping golf brands, just colorful. Best sellers include animal stairs and repeating patterns, from sharks to leopards to grizzly bears to pink flamingos, as well as iconic roosters and goats (understand?), this is also the best-selling baseball cap. But they also provide a series of surprisingly charming floral patterns, using Hawaiian Aloha shirt patterns, but as polo shirts, all made of high-performance elastic, breathable, moisture-wicking synthetic fibers and spandex, suitable for warm weather and weather Impaired range of motion. If you have a fun and talented golfer on your list, consider Waggle Golf.

Bushnell’s ION Edge GPS Golf Watch offers many features at a low price and is ready to... [] Out of the box

Smarter golf watches: The technology does not have to be intimidating or expensive. After many trial and error, I found that a dedicated golf GPS watch is more desirable than a full-featured smart watch that tries to play golf-and you don’t need to give up when you’re not playing Good watch. Wear it when you are playing. It knows that the moment you arrive at the course, all maps are pre-downloaded, so you don’t need to do anything or subscribe to anything. In these turnkey golf watches, I’m like Bushnell ION Edge. Bushnell has long been a favorite for distance measurement on the tour. ION Edge is ready to use out of the box, equipped with a large touch screen, detailed view of the green, and movable pins to reflect the actual daily hole position, as well as the front and along the golf ball. The retreat distance calibrated by the actual playing line of the hand to improve the accuracy of the depth of the green. It displays a list of obstacles and layup distances for each hole (for example, the bunker on the right is 212 yards), can run for 15 hours or more (three rounds) on a single charge, which is longer than the longest day of golf, and can track you The distance of your shot, if you want to save and analyze the data to improve the game, it will be synchronized with the Bushnell Golf App ($150).

Is it a golf course GPS device? Is it the ball flight monitor? Garmin Approach G80 combines the two in one... [] Stylish packaging!

Golf GPS and launch monitor: Garmin is a global leader in GPS navigation equipment, powering boats, airplanes and cars, as well as more and more golfers. They have a full range of high-quality golf equipment, but the best for me is the Approach G80, because it combines the two hottest technology trends in the golf field in one device. It is a full-color interactive road map and distance display, as well as a mature launch monitor that can analyze your ball battles within that range. The touch screen color display is bigger than a watch, so you can clearly see the entire hole, including obstacles, dribbles and layups, measure any of these distances by touch, and it has more than 41,000 courses pre-installed worldwide . You can use the Garmin app to track statistics, and the lunch monitor helps to find swing faults and improvement areas in ways that the naked eye cannot achieve. It even has special practice exercises and virtual rounds, where you can "play". If you know a golfer who likes technique, stats or practical practice, this is the gift for them ($500).

Starting from Scottish and Irish tribal tartan headgear, it has now developed into one of the best accessories... [] Sports brand, Seamus Golf-for everyone!

Cooler Heads are popular: Seamus Golf started selling a variety of Scottish and Irish tribal plaid golf headgear, so people can show off their ancestry while giving their golf bags a unique look on the course (I have a family tartan 3-Wooden cover for many years). But because they use high-quality wool and make high-quality products, their product range has greatly expanded, and now they provide everyone with a person for everyone-whether Scots or not. The head cover series now includes Hawaiian patterns based on Native American blankets, classic tweed, and Pendleton patterns. They make covers for wood, hybrid rods and putters. But they also have some accessories, such as scorecard holders, bags and pouches, including valuables (I put my watch, mobile phone, car keys and money in it, and then pull it into the security pocket of my Sun Mountain golf bag) In many of these same patterns, you can create matching gift sets, and they also provide accessories such as toiletries kits and shoe bags for golf travelers. If you know a golfer, they will like some of the products made by Seamus. Many products, including headgear, can be personalized by adding monogram leather patches. This elegant touch shows that you really care.

The 2.5 from Sun Mountain weighs only two and a half pounds and is the best lightweight golf bag on the market. [ ] Bag.

Better, lighter bags: During the pandemic, all kinds of outdoor recreational activities from hiking to biking are popular because people seek outdoor activities while exercising and socializing, and golf is particularly suitable for this situation. Therefore, golf participation and rounds in 2020 and 2021 have reached their peaks, but a surprising side effect is that people try to get more fitness benefits, which greatly returns to walking on electric golf carts. Walking has always been the way to play golf, but in addition to history, walking is also conducive to rhythm and visualization before hitting the ball. Most golfers play better when walking. There is no doubt that this is also better for our health. So, why not use the best lightweight bags on the market to appeal to those on your list as much as possible? Sun Mountain has always been the best golf bag era, creating the now ubiquitous standing bag, with the best leg mechanism, and introducing innovations such as waterproof bags. But they also excel in extreme durability and light weight. Not only do their 2.5-pound models weigh half (or less) than most competitors, they are also better constructed and have a longer lifespan. But unlike other ultralights, it does not have any sacrifices, it still has legs and all the standard pockets and functions. There are eight colors for 2.5 (US$230), and a fully split version is also available, 2.5 14-way (US$240). The 3.5-pound model is also lighter (better) than most models on the market, and although Sun Mountain’s most popular products are regularly sold out during the pandemic, if they are, you can also find them at many other retailers They include Amazon and every major golf expert.

Speed ​​Cart VR1 is the latest version of Sun Mountain's long-term popular lineup

Better trolleys: In addition to bags, another thing Sun Mountain excels at is trolleys for walking. During the pandemic, the sales of these trolleys have also increased significantly. Among them, Sun Mountain’s classic Speed ​​Cart GX ( 250 USD) has always been the most popular premium model in the market. They just launched a slight upgrade, the new Speed ​​Cart V1R ($260), which is slightly lighter, folds more compactly, and can be placed in the trunk to drive to the stadium, so if you can find one, it’s a very Good gift, but the original GX is still great, this is what I own. These even the most reluctant potential golf course walkers can help make the leap because it allows you to walk without actually carrying a golf ball

Europe's KJUS is one of the best manufacturers of high-performance golf and ski clothing. Their... [] Gemini rainproof clothing for men and women is groundbreaking.

Stay dry, stay comfortable: KJUS was founded by the Norwegian ski champion, so it is well-known as a ski wear brand and one of the best high-performance ski brands in the world. But they also produce a full range of the same high-tech golf wear, one of which stands out is the Gemini raincoat. It can meet all the functions of a raincoat, and it is also suitable for men and women. The fabric is elastic, very light, soft and comfortable, and breathable, windproof and waterproof. These features are well thought out, from straight-through pockets to longer leg zippers, so you can easily wear them in golf shoes when it rains. It has a perfect collar to withstand bad weather, and gusseted arms that drain water from the core. But the biggest change is that it is black on one side and white on the other, and it is completely reversible. When it is warm, the white side wears outwards and it reflects heat, while the darker interior absorbs heat from the body and then sucks it away. When the weather is cold, you flip and get the opposite result. It gives ten significant differences in off-topic Fahrenheit. It is not only the perfect raincoat, but also the perfect golf jacket, which can replace two or three other outfits-and perform better in all tasks at the same time. Gemini has jackets, pants and vests, men or women.

Almost overnight, the Adidas CodeChaos lineup has become the most popular sneaker in the golf industry, whether it is men, women... [] and teenagers.

New shoes: Every golfer needs golf shoes. If they don't need a new pair of shoes now, they will need it at some point. For many years, the top brand has been Adidas. Their latest and greatest is CodeChaos, a series of high-quality men's and women's spikeless shoes (US$130 and US$150), blurring the line between new sneaker styles and traditional golf shoes. It has a unique colored knitted upper with a variety of color patterns. The CodeChaos model is made from Parley Ocean Plastic, which in turn is made from recycled waste intercepted from beaches and coastal communities to protect the ocean. They also incorporate all the best Adidas technologies, including Boost soles for enhanced endurance, Traxion outsoles with sharp contours that provide rock-solid traction, and lightweight, comfortable but waterproof knitted synthetic uppers that fit like gloves. CodeChaos also has a primary model.

One bottle of red, one bottle of white, one bottle of 2020 Ryder Cup golf fans.

Cheers to golf: Golf can sometimes seem boring, but when the PGA and California winery True Myth teamed up to produce limited edition red (2019 Cabernet Sauvignon from Paso Robles) and white (2019 Cabernet Sauvignon from St. Louis) Chardonnay (Chardonnay), it was all very interesting (Obispo) to participate in the 2020 Ryder Cup, which will finally be held at the Channel Stadium in Wisling Strait, Wisconsin in the fall of 2021. The Americans finally enjoyed the victory, while the Europeans lost, but every golf fan can become a winner with this out-of-the-box gift, perfect for golfers who have everything-except for the official Ryder Cup logo Wine. Both are available from retailers such as

The perfect drink holder for golf courses, the YETI Rambler is available in three sizes, two sizes... [] The Chug Cap is easy to clean and ice, and it is easy to drink, and it stays cool-really cold.

Stay hydrated: Drinking water (or wine) on the court is great, and I find that the best way to carry it is to use a YETI Rambler water bottle with a bumper cap. The easy-to-use wide mouth allows you to start the day with ice cubes, and the ultra-efficient double-wall structure ensures that even after 36 holes, the ice cubes are still there. But the innovative bump cap design allows you to drink without any confusion while keeping all ice cubes in it. It is indestructible, well-made, easy to clean, comes in a variety of colors, can be personalized, and comes in multiple sizes (18, 26, and 36 ounces, 30 to 50 US dollars) to fit the water bottle pocket on each golf bag, in a trolley Accessory racks, or beverage racks in electric trolleys. It is reusable (forever), and we should all try to avoid using disposable plastics, whether on or off the court.