Former dancer who quit over debilitating condition healed by 'miracle' - Liverpool Echo

2022-06-10 23:16:03 By : Mr. Chuanbiao Xu

Jennie now wants to help others who are struggling

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A former dancer who was diagnosed with a life-long debilitating condition has turned her life around.

Jennie Reay has been experiencing back and nerve pain and exhaustion ever since she fell over at a young age. But after being diagnosed with a debilitating condition, she was forced to stop her passion of dancing.

Jennie, who has fibromyalgia, also suffered from a whiplash injury and was diagnosed with anxiety, depression and PTS due to a personal issue. But after taking herself through her own self-healing journey, she wants to raise awareness and help others through their struggles.

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She said: "When I was younger I fell over and ever since then I started getting back pain, nerve pain and exhaustion. I was a promising dancer but had to stop after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a debilitating condition that affects many people yet doesn’t have the awareness it should."

Jennie said she was healed through a "miracle recovery" called the Bowen Technique, which is a non-evasive holistic therapy, similar to reiki. She then founded Healing Time in Birkenhead back in 2020 in a bid to help others.

Now, she has gone from strength to strength and has 12 practitioners, five treatment rooms and over 20 different services and treatments.

She added: " The Bowen Technique changed my life after only a few sessions and I was then determined to help as many people as possible through it. I’ve since had clients who have been able to walk after being confined to a wheelchair and one of my clients who suffered from chronic fatigue is now a Bowen Technique practitioner after being healed himself.

"This was just the beginning for me though and I wanted to train in as many healing practises as possible, including becoming a c ounsellor."

The largest wellbeing hub in the North West, Healing Time offers a multitude of therapies and treatments, including Reiki, intuitive energy healing, crystal healing, card readings, the Bowen Technique, hopi ear candling, facials, massage, reflexology, yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy and more.

Jennie said: "My journey started with my own self-healing but this created a vision to heal as many people as possible. I set up Healing Time with the aim of focusing on spiritual and emotional wellbeing as I believe most trauma is caused by underlying spiritual and emotional conditions.

"I am passionate about helping people connect with their own spirit, helping them understand energy and empowering them – giving them the tools to help and heal themselves."

Since opening, Jennie and the team have worked with a number of businesses and charities to provide staff with wellbeing sessions, retreat days, workplace supervision and counselling.

She went on to say: "I am very proud of the work I’ve done since Healing Time opened but I can only do so much alone. This is why it has been so important having a team of practitioners, therapists and counsellors here alongside me.

"There are many amazing people doing great work to bridge the gap so it’s been wonderful to create a hub and community here that acts as a platform for other practitioners to do their important work."

More information can be found online here.