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Not everyone on your list wants sun gloves or handlebar bike bags, but those who want will cherish your gifts throughout the year. Here are some items that make outdoor life more comfortable.

There are good reasons for hiking on Keymaster Games’ new board game Trails. First, it is visually stunning. The artwork for the chessboard (seven double-sided panels) and game cards are from 59 park artist portraits in the national park. Secondly, its attractiveness. As the sun moves on the board, day turns to night (you flip the panel) as your hiker marks the collection of acorns, leaves, and rocks along the way. The size of the game is 4 ¾ x 6 ¾ inches, which makes it ideal for carrying in a backpack. Suitable for two to four players aged 10 and above.

Looking for a backpack meal that suits your diet and taste? Colorado-based Wild Zora offers gluten-free, paleo-friendly, grain-free, dairy-free, soy-free and added sugar-free meals. Mountain Beef Stew and Summit Savory Chicken follow a strict autoimmune protocol diet, which may help people with allergies and dietary restrictions.

There must be light-no batteries. We like this square light that is solar powered, easy to use and can charge mobile phones. Let it absorb the sunlight and just turn it on. It is suitable for your backpack or backyard, or it can be put in your earthquake backpack.

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Have you come home from a hike because your hand on your trekking pole is sore? We have. Pacerpoles may help. These poles are the only poles we have found with a comfortable, ergonomic grip. They are made in the UK and are designed to improve your walking ability, not just to get you up and down the mountain. They are made of alloy or carbon fiber and are suitable for trekking, hiking, power walking, snowshoeing and skiing.

$109-$147 (plus postage) | 👉 buy here

Spend enough time in the sun and your hands will show up. ActiveIce fingerless sunscreen gloves cover the back of your hands and protect them from sunburn. They are perfect for those who use trekking poles. They have an SPF value of 50, are designed to absorb sweat (your hands may sweat in hot weather), and come in light gray and other colors.

The Wrangler Outdoor Explorer hat has many functions: it is leather, has a 50 UPF sun protection function, and is light weight-made in the United States for ventilation to keep you cool, and its style provides enough shade for your face and neck without being There was a gust of wind. Our users stated that it is still in good condition after 18 months of hiking from Eastern Sierra Leone to Death Valley to Anza Polygo.

Continue to choose your favorite national park. Nomadix produced a series of large towels (72 ½ x 30 inches) with stylized images of Joshua trees (trees of the same name), Sequoias (giant sequoias), Yellowstone Park (with buffalo), and other parks. Towels are made of post-consumer recycled plastic. Suitable for hot yoga, beaches, national park trips (uh!) or wherever durable towels are needed.

Who doesn't want the leggings to be strong enough to hit the dirt and look good? Before we bought the first pair of Dirty Girls, we had been wearing shabby black nylon leggings for many years. Lightweight ankle cuffs prevent debris from entering your trail running shoes or low-top boots (they are not suitable for snow or thick brushes), with an amazing number of solid colors and cool patterns, including flames, paisley, swirls, skulls, and more. About 20 years ago, ultramarathon runner Xy Weiss founded this company, whose products are "made in the United States by the goddess from the dirt empire of Tucson, Arizona."

Last summer, we saw enough of these chairs at campsites in remote areas and started to cause serious seat jealousy. The lightweight frame and nylon seat (1 pound, 11 ounces) of the Flexlite Camp Chair make it easy for campers and backpackers to use. The more expensive Flexlite air chair reduces the load to only 1 pound. Are they comfortable? Yes. Did we bring one in our backpack? Not yet.

What about gear head friends who have everything? Fall in love with the performance water bottle. Hydro Flask produces 21-ounce bottles, which keep cold things cool and hot things hot, and have a handle top. Our users say that these water bottles can stay cool even in heat waves. There are many sizes and colors to choose from.

Why use a lunch bag when you have a backpack? Because an insulated lunch bag can keep your food hot or cold for several hours. Yeti's sturdy lunch bag (used on the road or on the road) is insulated, rollable, and comes in four colors. It's expensive, but don't you want to keep your hot turkey sandwiches hot when you are in the wild?

You can store your tools (or biscuits or sunglasses) here to make it style suitable for roads or gravel. Ornot’s mini handlebar bag measures 7 ¼ x 3 ½ inches, which has plenty of space even for large mobile phones. Waterproof zippers and "weatherproof" lining add some rain protection.

Let's use the cool logo of the Los Angeles Times newsletter about outdoor activities in Southern California to brag about The Wild water bottle humbly. It is insulated, can hold 22 ounces, and is stylish enough for trails or towns.

Qianjia is a company headquartered in Boyle Heights. Its “goal is to help save 1,000 lives by making helmets that people really want to wear,” said founder Gloria Hwang, an avid cyclist. She didn't wear a helmet until she lost a good friend riding a bicycle. The brand's Heritage Bike & Skate Helmets for adults live up to expectations, with a flattering, easy-to-adjust fit, 12 cool colors and smart design that allow you to lock the helmet on your bike. Bonus for plant eaters: The strap is made of microfiber vegan leather.

Ben Muessig, Steven Banks, Louisa Frahm, Jeanette Marantos and Stuart Leavenworth contributed to this gift guide.

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